Local Voter Information 2017

2017 Local Voter Information for Floyd and Montgomery Counties

This information is compiled by the Montgomery Floyd Regional Library staff. For official information, contact the Floyd County Voter Registrar’s office, the Montgomery County Voter Registrar’s office, or the Virginia Department of Elections.

Election Day is Tuesday, November 7, 2017. Polls are open from 6AM to 7PM.

Voter Registration Information

Voter Registration deadline for the November 2017 General Election is Monday, October 16. Complete the Voter Registration Application (also available at the libraries) and submit to your county’s Registrar. You can also register to vote online.

College Students: Visit the Student Voter page for information about voting at your college home.

You can request an absentee ballot by submitting an Absentee Ballot Application Form by mail (must be received by the Registrar by November 1, 5PM), online (by November 1, 5PM), or in person (by November 5, 5PM). There are some exceptions to the deadline for emergencies. If you apply in person, you will be allowed to vote using a voting machine in the Registrar’s office after completing the application. Otherwise, your completed Absentee Ballot will need to be received by your Registrar by 7PM on Election Day.

Where do I vote?

Use the Department of Election’s Polling Place Lookup to find your voting location.

Voter ID Information

State law requires all voters to provide an acceptable form of photo identification at the polls. If you don’t have an approved form of photo ID, you can apply for a free Virginia Voter Photo ID Card at your local voter registration office (even on Election Day). The form is easy!

Voters who do not bring an acceptable form of ID to the polls will vote on a provisional ballot. This ballot will only be counted if the local electoral board receives a copy of your ID by noon on the Friday after the election.

Floyd and Montgomery County Ballots

Below are all of the possible contests in Floyd and Montgomery Counties. What is on an individual's ballot will depend upon the county, district, and/or town in which one resides.

Statewide Contests

LocalityOfficeBallot NamePolitical PartyIncumbent
GovernorVirginiaRalph S. NorthamDemocraticNo
GovernorVirginiaEdward W. "Ed" GillespieRepublicanNo
GovernorVirginiaClifford D. HyraLibertarianNo
Lieutenant GovernorVirginiaJustin E. FairfaxDemocraticNo
Lieutenant GovernorVirginiaJill H. VogelRepublicanNo
Attorney GeneralVirginiaMark R. HerringDemocraticYes
Attorney GeneralVirginiaJohn D. AdamsRepublicanNo

Floyd County Contests

OfficeJurisdictionBallot NamePolitical PartyIncumbant
House of Delegates7th DistrictFlourette M. KetnerDemocraticNo
House of Delegates7th DistrictLarry N. "Nick" RushRepublicanYes
Board of SupervisorsDistrict CCase C. ClingerYes
Board of SupervisorsDistrict CJerry W. BootheNo
Board of SupervisorsDistrict EW. Justin ColemanNo
School BoardDistrict CPamela R. SneadYes
School BoardDistrict EC. Gene BishopYes
MayorTown of FloydWill R. GriffinYes
Town CouncilTown of FloydKaren Agnew BinghamYes
Town CouncilTown of FloydBruce A. TurnerYes

Floyd Referendum

DistrictIssueDescription (abridged)
Floyd CountyFood and Beverage TaxShould Floyd County levy a tax on food and beverages sold, for human consumption, in the unincorporated areas of Floyd County ... with the revenues collected from the tax to be used to support capital improvements as determined by the Floyd County Board of Supervisors?

Floyd County District Names

DistrictDistrict Name
ALocust Grove
BLittle River
DBurks Fork
EIndian Valley

Montgomery County Contests

OfficeJurisdictionBallot NamePolitical PartyIncumbant
House of Delegates7th DistrictFlourette M. KetnerDemocraticNo
House of Delegates7th DistrictLarry N. "Nick" RushRepublicanYes
House of Delegates8th DistrictSteve G. McBrideDemocraticNo
House of Delegates8th DistrictGregory D. HabeebRepublicanYes
House of Delegates12th DistrictChris L. HurstDemocraticNo
House of Delegates12th DistrictJoseph R. YostRepublicanYes
Board of SupervisorsDistrict ASara R. BohnNo
Board of SupervisorsDistrict CSteve R. FijalkowskiNo
Board of SupervisorsDistrict DMichel T. "Todd" KingYes
School BoardDistrict AGunin A. KiranYes
School BoardDistrict CTim W. ThorntonNo
School BoardDistrict CDana M. PartinNo
School BoardDistrict DJamie M. BondYes
MayorBlacksburgLeslie Hager-SmithNo
MayorBlacksburgEdward B. LawhornNo
MayorBlacksburgKrisha M. ChachraNo
MayorChristiansburgD. Michael BarberNo
MayorChristiansburgRoger L. WoolwineNo
Town CouncilBlacksburgLauren M. ColliverNo
Town CouncilBlacksburgSusan G. AndersonYes
Town CouncilBlacksburgSusan M. MattinglyNo
Town CouncilBlacksburgKen K. JonesNo
Town CouncilChristiansburgSteve H. HuppertYes
Town CouncilChristiansburgBradford J. "Brad" StipesYes
Town CouncilChristiansburgJonathon E. TaylorNo
Town CouncilChristiansburgMerissa M. SachsNo

Why are the Parties listed in that order?

The order is decided by random drawing, with the two major parties listed before the other recognized parties. Click for the Legal Details or start reading at line 387 of the State Board of Elections Minutes for details of this year's process.

Searchable Voter Information Database

The most comprehensive source for an individual's voting information is found in the Virginia State Board of Elections' searchable database. If you are a registered voter, you can enter your information into this form and find your registration status, the Districts in which you reside, your polling location, what's on your ballot, and your Voter Registrar's contact information.

What are Districts?

Each voter is in several different districts:

Federal Elections
Federal Congressional District, for US House of Representatives elections. All of Montgomery and Floyd Counties are in the Virginia's 9th Congressional district. There are no "districts" for the US Senate; everyone in the state votes on the same race.

State Elections
State Senate: Floyd is in the 19th State Senate District. Montgomery County residents are in either the 19th, 21st, or 38th District.
House of Delegates: Floyd is in the 7th House of Delegates District. Montgomery County residents are in the 7th, 8th or 12th District.

County / Local Elections
Counties are also divided into districts which are the basis for certain races, such as School Board Members or Board of Supervisor elections. Town residents vote for County and Town races when they occur.

What Districts am I in?

Your registered voter information will show your state and local districts.

State District Maps:
State districts were last drawn effective 2011. Below are links to overview maps of the districts, and very detailed written descriptions of the boundaries.

House District 7 Map (PDF) Description (Word)
House District 8 Map (PDF) Description (Word)
House District 12 Map (PDF) Description (Word)
Senate District 19 Map (PDF) Description (Word)
Senate District 21 Map (PDF) Description (Word)
Senate District 38 Map (PDF) Description (Word)

There is also an interactive map (requires Silverlight) which will allow you to zoom in for greater district boundary detail.
Show/Hide Interactive Map Hints

Local District Maps:
Montgomery County's Precinct Maps can be found on the Montgomery County Website.
Floyd County's Voting Districts can be shown on Floyd's GIS site. Select Map Layers tab on top toolbar, expand the Administrative folder, and select voting districts.

This information is compiled by the Montgomery Floyd Regional Library staff. Information is believed to be correct but not guaranteed.

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