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A Path To Peace : A Brief History Of Israeli-palestinian Negotiations And A Way Forward In The Middle East by Mitchell, George J. (George John) © 2016 (Added: 1/10/17)
A Very English Scandal : Sex, Lies And A Murder Plot In The Houses Of Parliament by Preston, John © 2016 (Added: 1/9/17)
A World In Disarray : American Foreign Policy And The Crisis Of The Old Order by Haass, Richard © 2017 (Added: 1/10/17)
Appalachian Trail Guide To Southwest Virginia by Prueschner, Bill, editor © 2015 (Added: 1/10/17)
Cancer Mom : Hearing God In An Unknown Journey by Parris, Susan © 2015 (Added: 1/4/17)
France : A Modern History From The Revolution To The War With Terror by Fenby, Jonathan © 2016 (Added: 1/9/17)
How The Police Generate False Confessions : An Inside Look At The Interrogation Room by Trainum, James L. © 2016 (Added: 1/4/17)
I Swear To Tell The Tooth : Humorous (and Sometimes Touching) Tales From A Globe-trotting Dentist's Storied Life by James, Carroll © 2016 (Added: 1/4/17)
I'm Judging You : The Do-better Manual by Ajayi, Luvvie © 2016 (Added: 1/9/17)
In The Great Green Room : The Brilliant And Bold Life Of Margaret Wise Brown by Gary, Amy © 2017 (Added: 1/10/17)
Just Getting Started by Bennett, Tony © 2016 (Added: 1/6/17)
Peace Through Entrepreneurship : Investing In A Startup Culture For Security And Development by Koltai, Steven R. © 2016 (Added: 1/5/17)
Relentless Spirit : The Unconventional Raising Of A Champion by Franklin, Missy © 2016 (Added: 1/4/17)
Smart Money Smart Kids : Raising The Next Generation To Win With Money by Ramsey, Dave © 2014 (Added: 1/9/17)
Social Security 101 : From Medicare To Spousal Benefits, An Essential Primer On Government Retirement Aid by Mill, Alfred © 2016 (Added: 1/4/17)
The Correspondence by Daniels, J. D. © 2017 (Added: 1/5/17)
The Drug Hunters : The Improbable Quest To Discover New Medicines by Kirsch, Donald R. © 2017 (Added: 1/5/17)
The Gardener And The Carpenter : What The New Science Of Child Development Tells Us About The Relationship Between Parents And Children by Gopnik, Alison © 2016 (Added: 1/9/17)
The Hidden South : Come Home by Walker, Brent © 2016 (Added: 1/4/17)
The Meaning Of Michelle : 16 Writers On The Iconic First Lady And How Her Journey Inspires Our Own by Chambers, Veronica, editor © 2017 (Added: 1/10/17)
The Whole Tooth : More Humorous (and Sometimes Touching) Tales From A Globe-trotting Dentist's Storied Life by James, Carroll © 2016 (Added: 1/4/17)
The Winchester : The Gun That Built An American Dynasty by Trevelyan, Laura © 2016 (Added: 1/9/17)
Waging War : The Clash Between Presidents And Congress, 1776 To Isis by Barron, David J. © 2016 (Added: 1/9/17)
Writing To Save A Life : The Louis Till File by Wideman, John Edgar © 2016 (Added: 1/9/17)

These Titles Added: January 11, 2017