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TypeNamePrincipal Actor
DVD A man called Ove [videorecording] Lassgêard, Rolf
J-DVD All dogs go to heaven [videorecording] Anderson, Loni
DVD Annie [videorecording] Finney, Albert
DVD Annie [videorecording] : a royal adventure! Collins, Joan
DVD Cloud atlas [videorecording] Hanks, Tom
J-DVD Dinosaur [videorecording] Sweeney, D. B. (Daniel Bernard)
DVD Dirk Gently's Holistic Detective Agency [videorecording] : season one Barnett, Samuel
J-DVD Flushed away [videorecording] Jackman, Hugh
J-DVD Garfield the movie [videorecording] Meyer, Breckin
J-DVD Harry Potter and the Order of the Phoenix [videorecording] Radcliffe, Daniel
DVD Hillsong [videorecording] : let hope rise, the movie Allen, Michael Guy
J-DVD Home on the range [videorecording]
J-DVD Hop [videorecording] Marsden, James
J-DVD How to train your dragon 2 [videorecording] Hill, Jonah
J-DVD How to train your dragon [videorecording] Baruchel, Jay
J-DVD Ice age [videorecording] Romano, Ray
J-DVD Igor [videorecording] Buscemi, Steve
DVD Indiana Jones and the Raiders of the lost Ark [videorecording] Ford, Harrison
J-DVD James and the giant peach [videorecording] Leeves, Jane
J-DVD Kung fu panda [videorecording] Black, Jack
J-DVD Kung fu panda [videorecording] : Secrets of the masters Black, Jack
J-DVD Lady and the tramp II [videorecording] : Scamp's adventure Milano, Alyssa
J-DVD Lady and the tramp [videorecording] Lee, Peggy
J-DVD Legend of the BoneKnapper dragon [videorecording] Baruchel, Jay
J-DVD Madagascar [videorecording] : Escape 2 Africa Stiller, Ben
DVD Maleficent [videorecording] Jolie, Angelina
DVD Master and commander [videorecording] : the far side of the world Crowe, Russell
J-DVD Meet the Robinsons [videorecording] Bassett, Angela
J-DVD Megamind [videorecording] : the button of doom Ferrell, Will
DVD MIB [videorecording] = Men in black Jones, Tommy Lee
J-DVD Monsters University [videorecording] Scanlon, Dan, director
J-DVD Monsters vs aliens [videorecording] Witherspoon, Reese
DVD Mr. Robot [videorecording] : season_2.0 Malek, Rami
DVD Pearl Harbor [videorecording] : into the Arizona
DVD Platoon [videorecording] Berenger, Tom
J-DVD Ratatouille [videorecording]
DVD Rizzoli & Isles [videorecording] : the complete seventh season and final season Harmon, Angie
DVD Road to Perdition [videorecording] Hanks, Tom
J-DVD Robots [videorecording] McGregor, Ewan
DVD Santa clause 3 [videorecording] : the escape clause Allen, Tim
J-DVD Secret of the wings [videorecording] Whitman, Mae
J-DVD Shark tale [videorecording] De Niro, Robert
DVD Shetland [videorecording] : season three Henshall, Douglas
J-DVD Song of the sea [videorecording] Rawle, David, voice actor
DVD Star trek, Enterprise [videorecording] : season 1 Bakula, Scott
DVD Star trek, Enterprise [videorecording] : season 2 Bakula, Scott
DVD Star trek, Enterprise [videorecording] : season 3 Bakula, Scott
DVD Star trek, Enterprise [videorecording] : season 4 Bakula, Scott
DVD Syriana [videorecording] Clooney, George
J-DVD Tangled [videorecording] Moore, Mandy
DVD Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles II [videorecording] : the secret of the ooze Turco, Paige
J-DVD The adventures of Ichabod and Mr. Toad [videorecording] Crosby, Bing
J-DVD The ant bully [videorecording] Roberts, Julia
J-DVD The chronicles of Narnia [videorecording] : The lion, the witch and the wardrobe Lewis, C. S. (Clive Staples), Lion, the witch, and the wardrobe
J-DVD The Chronicles of Narnia [videorecording] : the voyage of The Dawn Treader Barnes, Ben
J-DVD The fox and the hound [videorecording] Rooney, Mickey
DVD The Giver [videorecording] Bridges, Jeff
DVD The good dinosaur [videorecording] Wright, Jeffrey, voice actor
J-DVD The last unicorn [videorecording]
DVD The proposal [videorecording] Bullock, Sandra
DVD The silence of the lambs [videorecording]
DVD The whole truth [videorecording] Zellweger, Renâee
DVD Thor [videorecording] Hemsworth, Chris
DVD Thor [videorecording] : the dark world Hemsworth, Chris
DVD Time bandits [videorecording] Cleese, John
DVD Tower heist [videorecording] Stiller, Ben
DVD Toys [videorecording] Williams, Robin
J-DVD Treasure planet [videorecording] Stevenson, Robert Louis, Treasure Island
J-DVD Wallace & Gromit [videorecording] : The curse of the were-rabbit
J-DVD Wallace & Gromite [videorecording] : a matter of loaf and death Sallis, Peter
J-DVD WordWorld [videorecording] : Merry Christmas
DVD Young Frankenstein [videorecording] Wilder, Gene

These Titles Added: January 23, 2017