Proctoring examinations is a service provided for any individual upon request and based on the availability of staff. A library card is not necessary unless the student is required to use a library computer to complete the examination. There is no fee for proctoring an examination but the student is responsible for any incidental costs associated with the examination, such as postage or faxing. If the examination is to be returned by mail, the student must provide the prepaid envelope if it is not included as part of the packet.

Students are asked to schedule the proctor date with staff one week in advance to provide time to make all the necessary arrangements. Preferable times to schedule examinations are during regular library hours Monday through Friday but requests for weekend proctoring will be considered and accommodated according to staff availability. The Library reserves the right to refuse or decline proctoring services to any individual if that request is beyond our ability to administer the exam. If the student requires the use of a library computer to complete the exam, the student must have a MFRL library card in good standing and is responsible for making their own computer reservation. Staff will remove the filtering software and/or extend the time to accommodate the maximum time allowed for the examination.

For more information, see Policy 110.