Board of Trustees

Board meetings are normally held on the third Wednesday of each month at 7pm. Location varies by month. The next meeting will be held at the Christiansburg Branch on Wednesday, December 16 2020 at 7pm.

Board Members

Natalie Cherbaka
Term 2 (Ends: 6/30/2021)
District G, Blacksburg
Tim Thornton
Term 2 (Ends: 6/30/2023)
District C, Shawsville
Megan McKewan
Term 2 (Ends: 6/30/2024)
Floyd County
Janette Brown
Term 1 (Ends: 6/30/2024)
District D, Radford
Margaret R. Christle
Term 2 (Ends: 6/30/2022)
District E, Blacksburg
Beth Johnson
Term 2 (Ends: 6/30/2024)
District B, Christiansburg
Cynthia Saunders
Term 2 (Ends: 6/30/2022)
Floyd County
Gunin Kiran
Term 1 (Ends: 6/30/2021)
District A, Blacksburg
Toni Cox
Term 1 (Ends: 6/30/2023)
District D, Christiansburg

Latest Meeting Minutes: August 19, 2020 Library Board Minutes
Archive of Meeting Minutes