2023 Local Voter Information for Floyd and Montgomery Counties

This information is compiled by the Montgomery-Floyd Regional Library staff. Information is believed to be correct but not guaranteed.
For official information, contact:

Important Dates and Deadlines

  • Sep. 22: First day for Early in-person voting
  • Oct. 16: Deadline to Register to Vote (without provisional ballot)
  • Oct. 27: Last day to request a ballot to be mailed to you
  • Nov.  3: Last day for Early in-person voting
  • Nov.  7: Election Day. Polls open 6am-7pm
  • Nov.  7: By-mail ballot postmark Deadline
  • Nov.  7: In Person drop-off of By-mail ballot Deadline
  • Nov. 13: End of Registrar's acceptance of By-mail ballots (noon)

Voter Registration Information

Voter Registration deadline for the November 2023 General Election is Oct. 16, 2023, 11:59pm. You can register to vote online. Or, complete the Voter Registration Application (also available at the libraries) and submit (in-person or by mail) to your county’s Registrar. If you are going to the DMV - in person or online - you can apply to register to vote there as well.

Missed Registration Deadline? You may register up to and including Election Day, but must vote with a provisional ballot.

College Students: Visit the Student Voter page for information about voting at your college home.

How to Vote before Election Day

Early, In-person voting Early, In-person voting You can cast your vote beginning Sep. 22, in person, at a voting booth. And, you don’t even need to provide an excuse for doing so! No application required; just show up.

In-Person voting is available weekdays (except state holidays) through Nov.  3. This option is also available on two Saturdays: October 28 and November 4.

Floyd County locations for early in-person voting

  • General Registrar's Office, 100 East Main St. Room 302, Floyd
    ⮩ Weekdays Sep. 22 - Nov.  3 from 9:00am – 5:00pm
    ⮩ Saturday, Oct. 28 and Saturday, Nov. 4, from 9:00am – 5:00pm

Montgomery County locations for early in-person voting

  • New 2023 Location: Montgomery County Office of Elections, 1546 North Franklin St., Christiansburg
    ⮩ Weekdays Sep. 22 - Nov.  3 from 8:30am – 5:00pm
    ⮩ Saturday, Oct 28. and Saturday, Nov. 4, from 9:00am – 5:00pm

Absentee by-mail ballot No excuse is needed to vote absentee. In order to vote absentee by-mail, you will first need to complete an absentee ballot application.
You can request an absentee ballot:

  • By submitting an application by mail, fax, or online, by Oct. 27
  • In person by Nov.  3.
  • There are some exceptions to the deadline for emergencies.

You can return your absentee by-mail ballot:

  • By Mail. Must be postmarked on or before Election Day (Nov.  7) and received by noon on Monday, November 13.
  • In Person. Must be received by 7PM on Election Day (Nov.  7).
  • At a Ballot drop box. Ballot drop boxes are available on Election Day at all polling sites.

If you registered to vote by mail, are voting absentee by-mail, and have never voted in a federal election, you may have to provide a copy of an ID with your by-mail ballot. Your ballot will contain a notice if this applies to you.

Where do I vote on Election Day?

Use the Department of Election’s Polling Place Lookup to find your voting location.

Voter ID Information

Voters will be asked to show one form of ID. If the voter does not present an acceptable ID, the voter may sign an ID Confirmation Statement and vote normally. If the voter does not present an acceptable ID and declines to sign an ID Confirmation Statement, the voter may vote a provisional ballot. Please note that a copy of the ID or signed ID Confirmation Statement must be delivered to the Registrar by noon on the Friday following the election, or the provisional ballot cannot be counted.
There are large variety of acceptable forms of identification, including Virginia Driver’s License (current or expired), photo employee IDs, student IDs, utility bills, and bank statements.

Floyd and Montgomery County Ballots

Below are all of the possible contests in Floyd and Montgomery Counties. What is on an individual's ballot will depend upon the county, district, and/or town in which one resides. Here are the Montgomery County Sample Ballots.
and the Floyd County Ballots.

Floyd County Contests

OfficeJurisdictionBallot NamePolitical PartyIncumbent
Member Senate of Virginia7th DistrictWilliam M. "Bill" Stanley, Jr.RepublicanYes
Member Senate of Virginia7th DistrictDeborah I. "Renie" GatesDemocraticNo
Member House of Delegates47th DistrictWren M. WilliamsRepublicanYes
Member House of Delegates47th DistrictPatricia Lynn QuesenberryDemocraticNo
Member House of Delegates47th DistrictJacob C. FrogelIndependentNo
Clerk of CourtFloyd CountyRhonda T. VaughnYes
Commissioner of RevenueFloyd CountyLisa Dawn BakerYes
SheriffFloyd CountyBrian J. CraigYes
Commonwealth's AttorneyFloyd CountyTravis H. Epes IVNo
Commonwealth's AttorneyFloyd CountyW. Eric BranscomYes
TreasurerFloyd CountyMelissa M. "Missy" KeithYes
Soil and Water Conservation Director
Skyline District
Floyd CountyCurtis R. SowersYes
Soil and Water Conservation Director
Skyline District
Floyd CountyJohn H. "Jack" LawsonYes
Member Board of SupervisorsDistrict ALevi S. CoxYes
Member Board of SupervisorsDistrict BLinda DeVito KuchenbuchYes
Member Board of SupervisorsDistrict DJoe D. TurmanYes
Member School BoardDistrict AKirsten M. VestNo
Member School BoardDistrict AAaron T. HullettNo
Member School BoardDistrict AChris P. WolfNo
Member School BoardDistrict BJames M. IngramYes
Member School BoardDistrict DLaura Harman Le RoyYes
Member Town CouncilFloydDavid B. WhitakerYes
Member Town CouncilFloydJessica S. BranksNo
Member Town CouncilFloydPaul L. LeMayNo
Member Town CouncilFloydChris T. BowerNo

Montgomery County Contests

OfficeJurisdictionBallot NamePolitical PartyIncumbent
Member Senate of Virginia4th DistrictDavid Robert SuetterleinRepublicanYes
Member Senate of Virginia4th DistrictP. A. "Trish" White-BoydDemocraticNo
Member Senate of Virginia5th DistrictT. Travis HackworthRepublicanYes
Member Senate of Virginia5th DistrictRobert W. BeckmanDemocraticNo
Member House of Delegates41st DistrictJ. Christian "Chris" ObenshainRepublicanNo
Member House of Delegates41st DistrictLillian V. FranklinDemocraticNo
Member House of Delegates42nd DistrictJason S. BallardRepublicanYes
Clerk of CourtMontgomery CountyNicholas Cody RushNo
Clerk of CourtMontgomery CountyTiffany M. CouchNo
Commonwealth's AttorneyMontgomery CountyMary K. PettittYes
SheriffMontgomery CountyC. H. "Hank" PartinYes
Commissioner of RevenueMontgomery CountyTara Cochran VanceNo
Commissioner of RevenueMontgomery CountyBrenda E. WinkleNo
TreasurerMontgomery CountyMary M. WeaverNo
Soil and Water Conservation Director
Skyline District
Montgomery CountyRichard F. "Rick" WallYes
Member Board of SupervisorsDistrict BMeredith M. HuttonNo
Member Board of SupervisorsDistrict BDerek W. KittsNo
Member Board of SupervisorsDistrict EDarrell O. SheppardYes
Member Board of SupervisorsDistrict EAnthony M. GrafskyNo
Member Board of SupervisorsDistrict FMary W. BiggsYes
Member Board of SupervisorsDistrict GApril Noelle DeMottsYes
Member Board of SupervisorsDistrict GDavid E. Shelor Jr.No
Member School BoardDistrict BMark L. MiearNo
Member School BoardDistrict BPenny J. FranklinYes
Member School BoardDistrict ES. Derek RountreeNo
Member School BoardDistrict ELindsay J. RichNo
Member School BoardDistrict FLaura S. PurcellNo
Member School BoardDistrict GEdward J.K. GitreNo
Member School BoardDistrict GJason Edward MassieNo
Member Town CouncilBlacksburgJerry R. Ford Jr.Yes
Member Town CouncilBlacksburgMichael D. SutphinYes
Member Town CouncilChristiansburgSteve H. HuppertNo
Member Town CouncilChristiansburgKim A. BowmanNo
Member Town CouncilChristiansburgJohana HicksYes
Member Town CouncilChristiansburgJeff W. AkersNo
Member Town CouncilChristiansburgSamuel M. Bishop IIIYes
Member Town CouncilChristiansburgMike O. ScarryNo
Member Town CouncilChristiansburgWendy M. GlassNo

Why are the Parties listed in that order?

The order is decided by random drawing, with the two major parties listed before the other recognized parties; start reading at line 57 of the State Board of Elections Minutes for details of this year's process. Virginia Code §24.2-613.B provides that political party identification be shown on the ballot ONLY for federal, statewide, and General Assembly candidates. It does not appear on the ballot for any other candidate.

Searchable Voter Information Database

The most comprehensive source for an individual's voting information is found in the Virginia State Board of Elections' searchable database. If you are a registered voter, you can enter your information into this form and find your registration status, the Districts in which you reside, your polling location, and your Voter Registrar's contact information.

What are Districts?

Each voter is in several different districts:

Federal Elections
Federal Congressional District, for US House of Representatives elections. All of Montgomery and Floyd Counties are in the Virginia's 9th Congressional district. There are no "districts" for the US Senate; everyone in the state votes on the same race.

State Elections
State Senate: Floyd is in the Virginia 7th Senate District. Montgomery County residents are in either the 4th or 5th District.
House of Delegates: Floyd is in the Virginia 47th House of Delegates District. Montgomery County residents are in the 41st or 42nd District.

County / Local Elections
Counties are also divided into districts which are the basis for certain races, such as School Board Members or Board of Supervisor elections. Town residents vote for County and Town races when they occur.

What Districts am I in?

Your registered voter information will show your state and local districts.

State District Maps:
State districts were last drawn effective 2021. Below are links to overview maps of the districts.

Supreme Court of Virginia Redistricting Final (PDF) Special Masters' Final Memorandum (pdf)
Virginia House of Delegates Districts Map (Interactive) Map (PDF)
Virginia Senate Districts Map (Interactive) Map (PDF)
Federal Congressional Districts Map (Interactive) Map (PDF)

There is also an interactive map which will allow you to zoom in for greater district boundary detail. Check Counties and/or Voting Districts to start, you will need to zoom in a few times to see these demarcations.

Local District Maps:
Montgomery County's Precinct Maps can be found on the Montgomery County Website.
Floyd County's Voting Districts can be shown on Floyd's GIS site. Sign in as Guest, then select Map Layers tab on top toolbar. Expand the Administrative folder, and select voting districts.

This information is compiled by the Montgomery-Floyd Regional Library staff. Information is believed to be correct but not guaranteed.

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